• About Us

    BJ Window services of Allen is a top-tier glazing installation company serving the greater Allen area in Texas. We believe that you can supercharge your property’s elegance and increase its value if you find an experienced, trustworthy window installation services provider who has seen it all. BJ Window Installation would be that partner for you!

    Combining with experts who have many years of experience, dedication, and glazing know-how in one place, we are redefining the way you install or repair your windows. Over the years, we have fitted, repaired, and replaced thousands of windows and know what it takes to give your home or office a one-of-a-kind look. Whether you want to adorn your property with brand new windows or need to repair the already installed ones, you can confidently count on BJ Window Installation.

    What We Offer? 

    BJ Window Installation is bringing a whole new world of efficient possibilities that takes your comfort to the skies. Our unrivaled ability to install and repair all kinds of windows –uPVC, Auclad, Timber, Aluminium –has made us the most sought-after window installation services provider in Allen, TX.

    Want to install new windows to complete your home? Say no more! Struggling to get rid of the cracks and chips on the exterior? Our window repair services have got you covered! Interested in repairing damaged moving parts? Nobody can do it better than us! No matter the size and shape of your windows, we can handle all sorts of problems to give you peace of mind.

    Why Us? 

    Reliability, experience, and quality –it’s what puts BJ Windows Installation at the forefront of strategic glazing excellence. At BJ Windows Installation, everything revolves around your needs, convenience, and budget, meaning that we leave no stone unturned to serve you the way you want. Besides, our experts are highly experienced and adhere to the innovative standards of the industry to ensure environmental friendliness during the installation process.

    Last but not least, we’re highly vigilant and stay with your every step of the way to keep you updated regarding the progress. For us, giving your home or office an exceptional look is more than a job –it’s a passion. And yes, we can go all out to translate this passion into your comfort!

    Our Mission

    To offer best-in-class window repair and installation services that enhance the value of our clients’ homes and improve their lives.

    Our Vision

    To be a leading window installation company in Allen, TX based on quality, efficiency, and professionalism.