• Window Treatment Services in Allen, TX

    Our window treatments do more than just look pretty!

    Are you planning to replace your window treatments? If yes, BJ Window Installation can help. We offer custom window treatments in Allen, TX – allowing you to adorn your windows with your favorite fabric and colors.

    Is brown your pet color? No problem. Do you want a touch of purple? We will show you the options available.

    In addition to choosing colors and fabrics, you can add details to your window treatments Allen TX with us. For example, if you want a custom trim or specific hardware for your drapes, we will gladly add them for you. Your wish is our command, and we will go the extra mile to turn your dream window treatments into a reality.


    Matchless Craftsmanship

    Many homeowners pick ready-made coverings because of the convenience and affordability. However, store-bought treatments need frequent replacements as they break often. On the other hand, we offer high-quality craftsmanship. Our treatments are extra durable and stay intact for many years. This is because we always use first-rate lining. Moreover, our seams are straight and tight, while the stitching lies flat (no loopy stitches) in matching threads unless you prefer contrast. This means your coverings will last for many years in the best shape.


    Gorgeous Aesthetics

    In addition to being durable, our custom window treatments Allen TX will make your place look fabulous. With modern, casual, formal, and rustic styles to choose from, you will be in complete control to improve the look of your home. You can pick the same theme for every room or choose different styles to give each room an individual personality. We also offer water-resistant treatments for kitchen and bathroom windows. In short, BJ Window Installation can work with every design and style that you feel will enhance your property’s charm.


    High level of privacy

    Our window treatments do more than just look pretty. They provide you with the level of privacy that is impossible to achieve with store-bought treatments.

    While you may have a great bond with your next-door neighbors, you probably don’t want them peeking into your house at unwanted times. This is where our custom window treatments can help! We will use wood or heavy fabric to protect everyone in your home from prying eyes while making sure your window treatments are easy to open whenever your family wants to enjoy the fantastic views on the outside.

    You can choose between motorized options and traditional pulley designs to open and close the coverings.


    Window Treatment Services in Allen, Texas